Why Am I Not Losing Weight Fast as I Expected?


No matter what I eat or how much exercise I do, I can’t shed weight. Is something wrong with me?

I’m a Nutrition and Kinesiology major in college. I run a lot and exercise even more. I eat enough but not too many calories for my size and activity level (I’m 5’5”, medium build, around 130 pounds). I exercise about two hours a day and am otherwise active. I’m vegan and gluten-free, and I don’t eat processed junk food, starch, or tons of sugar. I don’t drink or smoke. I sleep 7-8 hours a night on a normal schedule. The problem is, even when I cut calories or add on cycle classes, miles, or HIIT, I can’t shed pounds. I’ve had lab testing. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Any answers?


I’m glad you wrote in, Ellie, as I see this question quite frequently in my inbox. On the surface, you’re doing a lot of the right things in eating a clean diet, exercising regularly, and getting plenty of sleep.

As women, we are blessed with the gift of creating life. With that gift comes a flow and balance of hormones to make the magic happen. When our lives get out of balance, so do our hormones, which in turn, can cause weight issues (among other things). Before I launch into how to modify your plan, it is important to mention that your weight may in fact be at the optimal level for you. That is, I’d recommend measuring your body-fat percentage to see where you stand.


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