Quick Weight Loss – Fasting is The Ultimate Fat Burner


Fasting can put you on the pathway to quick weight loss like nothing else on the face of this earth.

If you are more than 50 pounds overweight, then I strongly support you to consider fasting as a means of removal your body of dangerous pounds fast.

I would pray you to set aside everything else going on in your life and take instantly stock of whether fasting is for you or not. And it doesn’t have to be a very long fast either.

In just 14 days of water fasting, it is possible to practice quick weight loss of 20 to as much as 30 – even 40 pounds. But even if you are only 10-to-20 pounds overweight, fasting can assist you to lose weight quick and furious.

Fasting for as little as SEVEN days can take a lots of TWENTY pounds off your body, thus reducing the hazard of chronic disease. Then you can work at staying free of fragment and adopting permanent eating-habit vary. The equation I am presenting is simple and to-the-point: Get rid of excess weight quickly through fasting, and then make a promise that you will learn to eat in healthy rather than critical ways.

In my view, there is nothing more potent than fasting to lose weight fast and improve physical, mental and spiritual health. All you have to do is MAKE UP YOUR brain and take action.

If you have tried various diets and failed, it is likely that your body wants some time WITHOUT food so it can heal. It’s like the cigarette smoker. As long as this person keep smoking, he or she will never be free of the custom, right?

Well, sometimes it is like that with food. If you have eaten poorly for a long time, your body is in several ways “addicted” and needs to take out and cleanse. Water and juice fasting are potent ways to achieve body detox cleansing and quick weight loss.

And, as a bonus, you get to lose enormous amounts of weight in a short period of time. What other inspiration could you possibly need? Look, it’s about giving your digestive system time to rest. When you work a long week … are you tired? Do you want to work the weekend also? Or do you want to rest?

Well, dream how your body feels! Day in, day out … over and over and over having to digest all of the trash that we eat. And it has to act it 24/7 – WITHOUT REST OR CONSIDERATION. If an employer treated us that way, we’d maybe go on strike! 🙂

Dramatic and Rapid Weight Loss Fasting

The first 7 days of water fasting one can suppose to lose anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds. I’ve heard of people who have lost as much as 50 pounds in seven days of water fasting. These numbers, however, are not the norm. One-to-two pounds daily is much more regular.

Furthermore, a lot of those pounds are firstly water weight, meaning that it may take a bit longer to get rid of solid fat deposits. Still, to see all of that weight come off the body so quickly is truly a incredible experience; it provides motivation to keep going.

During those first seven days of quick weight loss fasting, your body will unload bloating liquid accumulations in your skin, especially if your diet included substantial amounts of salt. On days three and four, the massive fat burning continues as the body enters ketosis.

After seven days, water fasting produces enduring Natural Weight Loss of approximately one-to-two-pounds per day. In other words, after your body completes the early heavy detox, usually in nine-to-eleven days, the weight loss will slow to one-to-two pounds daily. One pound per day is by far the most common, based on my experience.

When I did a 60-day water fast some years ago, I lost a massive 65 pounds. My results substantiate the ‘one-pound-per-day’ average. Some, however, continue to experience accelerated weight loss all the way through. My friend Jim, for instance, did a 60-day water fast a few years ago and lost a whopping 100 pounds. The only way for you to know how much weight your body will lose through fasting, is to jump on the bandwagon and try it for yourself.

With juice fasting, one will regularly lose three-to-five pounds per week as an average. I completed a 100-day juice fast and lost 60 pounds. A lady that I coached a few years ago, on the other hand, finished a 60-day juice fast and walked away grinning – 90 pounds lighter. In a very strange case, an obese man that I met at the gym last year was stirred by my fasting testimony and juiced for 45 days. Believe it or not, he lost 115 pounds!

That is by far the most theatrical example of quick weight loss through fasting that I have seen in current times. These figures, as I said, are averages: your weight loss may be superior or slightly-lesser, depending on body-chemistry.

Now tell me, sincerely: WHERE ELSE CAN ONE ATTAIN THESE TYPES OF QUICK WEIGHT LOSS NUMBERS? I would venture to say that NOTHING can help a person remove risky pounds as quickly and as efficiently as fasting.

Light Exercise

A good method to maximize quick weight loss while fasting is to include some “light exercise” daily for at least half-an-hour. When I say light, I MEAN light. Something like walking, swimming or slow, long-distance bike riding would be good.

Stretching is huge while fasting because it releases toxins intent throughout the body and thus facilitates weight loss and expedites the cleansing method.

If you are into weight training, remain the weight lower than you frequently would to reduce exertion. The exercise should be relaxed and easy. DO NOT have a hard workout while you are fasting.

That can reason fainting and is risky. A nice 30-minute stroll, swim of light weight training routine will more than suffice.

If you are fasting for more than seven days, pay attention to your daily quick weight loss numbers before adding the light workout. Like I said, the average is one-to-two pounds daily.

Determine whether you drop into the “one-pound” or “two-pound” per-day category. There are a auspicious few who lose as much as three pounds daily, but one and two pounds is the most common figure.

Weigh yourself ONCE A WEEK while fasting to see what your quick weight loss looks like. Divide the amount of weight you lost by seven to see how many pounds per-day you are losing.

Then add the 30-minute amble or swim for the following seven days and weigh yourself again. Divide the weight you lost by seven. You will be very pleasantly amazed to see that you will have lost as much as five pounds more that week than you did when you fasted WITHOUT exercise.

Again, the key is LIGHT EXERCISE. The top way to approach quick weight loss fasting is to do it SLOW AND STEADY. Let your body burn the fat at its own pace.

Valley of Decision

Quick Weight Loss – Life or Death

I can write an whole journal about the quick weight loss profit of fasting, but none of it would add up to much unless YOU make the decision to try it for yourself. You can do nothing and prolong to talk and grieve about needing to lose weight, or you can take action and start seeing results.

As you know, many things in life need sacrifice and anxiety. I can’t think of anything more precious of this than YOUR OWN HEALTH!
Don’t let your mind catch you into thinking that “nothing will work, that you will never make it; that you are not good adequate to lose weight and improve your health”.

Those are all but lies and distortions based on horror. Based on a twisted insight of reality which says that somehow being overweight means that I am weak or “less than” others. Please do not allow such trash to determine your path in life. You DO have the power.

You have the control of DECISION, right here, right now to decide that YES – you ARE going to give it your all. You are NOT going to stop until you lose every last little of excess weight off of your body and reclaim the optimum health that is rightfully yours!

There are no “fix-all” pills, diets or cures. Sorry… they just don’t exist. What we DO have is the skill to make a firm promise with ourselves about the quality of lives we desire to lead.

It has to come to the point where being lean, healthy and free of trash food becomes more pleasurable and enviable than sticking that cheeseburger or pizza in our mouths. There is a saying that a colleague uses that I like a lot: NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS. God bless you!


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