Benefits of Slim~XL Slimming Capsules

  • It increase energy and stamina
  • It saves your time and money
  • Surety to reduce fat
  • It burns fat without any heavy exercise
  • There are not any negative effects of our slimming capsules
  • It gives you slim body
  • Reduce carbohydrate conversion to fat stores
  • This slimming Capsule is an unique formula which provides natural solution to excess weight & fatness. It promotes slow but regular slimming capsule boosts by accelerating fat metabolism and improving carbohydrate metabolism.

    Hashmi’s Slim~XL Capsules promote healthy slimming capsule by stimulating fat metabolism and reducing carbohydrate absorption within intestines. It acts on deep tissues to ensure realistic progress and effect.

    We are looked in lead as one of amazing slimming capsules manufacturer in India. Weight Loss Capsules offered by us are comprehensively demanded in bazaar as these capsules are simple to consume and guarantee zero side-effects. Formulation of these Natural Slimming Medicines is done with extreme concern and under stringent supervision of experts. Moreover, to profit clients with utmost benefits of Slimming Capsules, these slimming pills & capsules are hygienically packed.

    Ingredients of Slim XL

    Slim-‘XL’ Capsule is a natural weight management product. It is formulated with potent and powerful fat burning ingredients that enhance slimming by slimming capsule effectively and naturally. The result is a slimmer appearance and multitude health benefits.

    Our Slim- ‘XL’ Capsules are formulated from pure natural ingredients that stimulate fat loss and prompt weight reduction without compromising lean tissues. It fights muscle fatigue and delivers sustained weight management and resulting in a notable slimming by slimming capsule, only when teamed with a proper a slimming capsule diet and exercises.

    Terminalia Chebula50mgTerminalla Bellerica50mg
    Embilica Offcinalis250mgCommiphora Mukul50mg
    Punica Granatum Linn25mgCuminum Cyminum25mg
    Artemisia Absinthium Linn25mg
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