Many Quick Weight Loss Risks of Slimming Tea


The Risks of Slimming Tea

Slimming tea has risks not associated with fresh teas. In fact, according to the majority of studies and most labeling of ingredients on the sides of slimming tea boxes, slimming tea is usually less than 25% tea. The other 75% of the so-called slimming tea, while overvalued as all natural, is usually a grouping of natural herbs, counting natural laxatives.

One of the most common laxatives included in slimming tea is senna. although the senna content in slimming tea may be all natural, it is still a laxative. For that cause many people refer to the product as laxative tea. Therein lays the greatest risk. Laxatives should never be worn as a diet supplement.

Risks of using laxative teas or slimming teas be so great that most packages correctly have warnings against their use by pregnant women.

As Seen Below, Even Pure Green Tea Can Have Side Effects

Side Effects of Slimming (Laxative) Tea

While it may seem that the person using the slimming tea product has lost a few pounds firstly, it must be famous that the high laxative content acts as a diuretic, which can root dehydration in a healthy person. Dehydration can escort to other side effects such as :

  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Among pregnant women it is potential for slimming laxative teas to cause miscarriage.

Additionally, the use of laxatives as a diet supplement may cause diarrhea initially. However, after expanded use the human body can become dependent on the laxative. Without the laxative dosage the human being will begin to suffer chronic constipation.

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, and Slimming Teas

Of particular concern are the possible effects on those persons who suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Many people distress from anorexia nervosa have been known to use laxatives as a diet tool, and to a lesser degree those torment from bulimia. Extended use of slimming laxative teas among these cohorts can cause death if there is no intervention. Unfortunately, many people do not comprehend that the consequences of prolonged use of these diet products can be poisonous, especially for those who endure from intake disorders.


The benefits of tea — antioxidants and polyphenols — can be found in pure tea. The ingredients that come under analysis most often are initiate in products hyped as “slimming teas” and possessing “slimming” properties that set them apart from regular teas.

It must be noted that the manufacturers and marketers of slimming tea products do not advertise their products as laxative teas. clearly, they know that the product would noise less appealing to the consumer.

Slimming laxative teas possess the same benefits as pure teas, but pure teas do not acquire the risks connected with laxative teas. The risks far outweigh any profit found in slimming tea beverages or slimming tea pills.


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