How To Reduce Belly Fat


More and more people are conscious about their appearance, and so, belly fat is a grave concern for most. With people becoming more health and fitness aware of looking fit and smart is something which everyone wants. While many accept their bodies and ask ways to work on them, others are too shy to ask for a solution.

Belly fat is not only a matter of concern because it makes one’s appearance less attractive and misshapes the body, but it is also a serious issue which can lead to many diseases and can harm several internal organs. Abdominal obesity is a condition which both men and women are experiencing these days. Obesity indicates several serious health problems and chronic concerns.

As much as annoying it looks, the worse it is for our health. Losing inches from any part of your body is way easier than losing the fat around your stomach. The more the belly fat, the more stubborn it is to disappear. Read our tips below on how to reduce belly fat.

A bulging belly fat is also a grave concern among women who have undergone a cesarean section. Doctors and health experts have found useful ways and strategies which can help you to break down the belly fat and further avoid accumulation of fat in your abdominal area. Read on to know the do’s and Don’ts to reduce the belly fat. These hacks will attack your culprit, that stubborn belly fat so you can have a fat free waistline. Ensure you follow all of the below points. Following just a few of them might not give the best results.

  • Avoid sweetened beverages- Sweetened beverages like cold drinks, soft drinks, sweetened flavored syrups and latte coffee, etc., contain massive amounts of sugar and calories. One glass of aerated drink contains around 400 kilo-calories. Now imagine the amount of time and hard work it will consume to break down the fat deposits you have accumulated in your body till this stage! Avoid sweetened beverages, and thereby have no fat accumulated around your belly area.
  • Do not skip your meals-If you think skipping meals will make you slim and lose weight, you are wrong. Rather, it takes the other way round. When you skip your meals, your metabolism rate slows down, and your body concentrates on using up the stored fat in your body to work further. While the proper metabolism rate is necessary to burn the belly fat. After skipping your meals even if you take your regular diet, your weight will not reduce as your body metabolism rate has already gone down. So never skip your meals rather eat small and healthy portions of diet from time to time.
  • Take proper protein diet- Protein is super essential for our body. Include protein-rich food in your meals like eggs, lentils, mutton, etc. Protein gives enough energy to your body and helps in building your body muscles. When your body has sufficient energy, it will automatically increase its metabolism rate. A good metabolism rate helps beat belly fat faster and easier.
  • Say no to carbs in your diet- Carbs are dangerously harmful to your body. To lead a healthy and fat-free life, you need to control your carb intake. The carbs get directly deposited in your belly, and thus, your stomach starts growing out as the fat gets accumulated inside it. Carbs are not only fatty, but they are also harmful to our body and can cause any disease. Avoid carbs and live a healthy life!
  • Drink green tea- Green tea is a highly effective way to lose belly fat directly. The detox element in the green tea works directly on your belly fat when consumed. Sipping green tea also increases the body’s metabolism rate. A proper metabolism rate helps in reducing excess fat from your body, especially your belly area. If you drink two cups of green tea every day for a month, you will notice tremendous results around your stomach.
  • Switch to low sodium salt- Indian food is famous for its spicy and salty taste. If you are determined to trim down your bulging belly, avoid adding sodium rich salt in your diet. Instead, you can buy low sodium salt from the market and can begin consuming it through your meals. This will help regulate your blood pressure and improve the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Go for evening walks- Morning walks are effective in reducing body weight and skip the evening walks. However, evening walks, on the other hand, help in reducing extra weight and fat deposits gained during the day. Evening walks stop fat from getting accumulated in your belly.
  • Start taking hot peppers in your diet- We bet, you didn’t know hot peppers have great fat burning agents? Hot peppers contain high levels of essential minerals and nutrients which burn the stubborn fat around the tummy. Add hot peppers to boiled vegetables; this will not only enhance the taste of your food but will also expedite the fat burning process.
  • Do not take sweets in liquid form- Sugar and sweets have high-calorie content. These calories convert into fats and get deposited directly in your belly. It is a difficult to break this type of fat.

Note: There are two kinds of sugar forms which we intake. One is the crystallized or raw form, while the other is the liquid form of sugar. The liquid form of sugar is hard to break down in your body, and can also adversely affect your health conditions.

  • Adopt a fibrous diet- Include fiber-rich food in your diet. Fiber helps regulate the digestive system and, thereby supports increasing the metabolism rate of the body. The fiber which we consume absorbs and breaks down the excess fats from our body. The fibrous diet contains high nutritional value and fat burning agents. If you are on a workout regime, having fibrous food will help you burn more fat than anything else from your body.
  • Give some time to aerobics exercise- Aerobics exercise is best to lose your overall body weight and the stubborn belly fat too. Aerobic exercise is best for women as it goes easy on your body as compared to heavy machinery cardio, while it also burns body fat quickly.
  • Never overeat- When you overeat, the body only absorbs some nutrients which were necessary for the body, while the extra food which you have eaten gets deposited in different parts of your body as fat. The bad news is the area which is most affected by fat deposits is your belly.
  • Perform lower abdominal exercises – There are various exercises which target the belly fat and break it down. Lower abdominal exercises including, crunches, push-ups, lunge squats, etc., put pressure on your abdominal area and help you lose abdominal fat quickly. Assign at least ten minutes of lower abdominal exercises to your workout regime.
  • Sleep well and enough- If you are not getting enough sleep, or are sleep deprived, then it can be a major reason behind gaining weight and growing fat around your belly. Sleeping fewer hours results into stress and anxiety. It disturbs the hormonal balance of your body and your eating habits. Therefore, get your sleep well and enough to avoid any belly fat accumulation around your belly region.
  • Understand the fluctuating nature of the weight loss- Even if you are on a fitness regime and are undergoing heavy exercises and diet control plans, don’t expect your body weight to decrease at the same amount and pace. The fat which you are trying to break may be accumulated in your body for a long time. Hence it may happen that such fats will take a longer time to break down. Go easy and watch the results.
  • Belly fat is not healthy- Belly fat can turn into any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, digestion problem, cancer, etc. Thus, it is important to get rid of belly fat.
  • Have low-fat dairy in your diet– Low-fat dairy products are something to include in your diet if you are on a strict fitness exercise and diet control. Low-fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese will give enough carbohydrates and fats for your body so that you remain energized to continue with the strict fitness regime.
  • Take in the goodness of whole grains- Whole grains are rich in fibers. And we all know the goodness of fibers in our body. Include whole grain food items in your diet daily to burn the extra fat from your belly region.
  • Go for vigorous exercises- Once your body settles on low and light exercises, gradually switch to vigorous exercises. When you workout vigorously, even the most stubborn fat deposits in your body break down. Rigorous exercising also results in lots of sweating which helps remove harmful toxins from your body.
  • Do strength training three times a week- During your fitness regime of strict diet control and regular exercising, include a strength training program in your schedule for at least three days in a week. Strength training exercises specifically put pressure on your belly area and burn fat deposits in your stomach. It also tightens up your skin and muscles and prevents them from sagging which can happen after weight loss.
  • Dedicate some time to Cardio- Cardio exercise increases your stamina and metabolism rate simultaneously. These exercises help reduce your belly fat by burning it effectively.
  • Stay hydrated- No matter, what your fitness regime is, keep your body hydrated at all times. Water regulates the metabolism and accelerates the process of breaking down belly fat. Moreover, it helps keep our body moisturized and our skin nourished by avoiding any dryness or roughness due to sweating or losing weight. Your skin will be able to retain its natural glow if you would drink lots of water throughout your schedule.
  • Don’t ever go for weight loss pills – As tempting as their advertisements may sound, never invest in weight loss pills available in the market. This shortcut method has never been able to achieve any success. Weight loss pills can make your body condition even worse as they bring along with them serious side-effects and have caused organ damage too in many cases. Yes! They can be that bad.

Tummy fat can be reduced with patience and motivation. Start your weight loss journey by combining a healthy diet and daily exercises in your routine.


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