How i lose weight Gradually after my two pregnancies


Before ever getting pregnant, I told my husband “When I get pregnant, I’m not going to be one of those women who gains a bunch of weight during pregnancy.”

Well, then I gained a bunch of weight during pregnancy.

After I had the baby, I said to my husband, “I’m not going to be one of those women who doesn’t get the pregnancy weight off after they have the baby.”

And then it took me 18 months just to lose 45 of the 60 pounds that I had gained, when I found out that I was expecting baby #2. So I got pregnant again with still 15 extra pounds on me.

After that I kept my mouth shut about the whole thing because I realized that I couldn’t always predict what my body would and wouldn’t do during pregnancy and the post partum period.

So here I am 11 weeks post partum trying to accomplish the grueling task of losing weight after 2nd baby. Fortunately I was a smarter cookie during my 2nd pregnancy and made sure I didn’t gain as much weigh as the first time. But even though I gained less the 2nd time, since I had started out higher I actually still ended up at the same pre-delivery weight as the first time. So here I am developing my post partum weightloss plan.

It can get a little discouraging when you are not losing weight after your baby is born. I always heard about women achieving post partum weightloss through breastfeeding, but for me it just hasn’t seemed to work that way. My body just wants to hold onto all that extra luscious fat as long as it possibly can – even though I definitely have more than enough to go around. I also struggle with finding the right balance of calories so that I can still have enough to produce milk, but not eat too much that I’m not losing weight. (For a breastfeeding diet it is recommended that you consume an additional 300 calories a day).

I seem to have to work extremely hard to lose just one pound. I don’t know why I even got my hopes up that losing weight after 2nd baby would be easier than the first! And not only is establishing a healthy eating meal plan hard, but trying to find the time to get adequate exercise in with two kids is very hard as well.

When it was just my first-born, I could take him for walks in the stroller when it was convenient for me, or I would go to the gym and drop him off at the daycare while I exercised for an hour or so. But now that I have two, it has definitely been more of a challenge to get a good workout in. It’s not impossible though! I actually ended up cancelling my gym membership because I just wasn’t able to utilize it enough to justify the monthly cost. So instead, I developed my own at home workout program. Since I’m just getting back into an exercise routine after getting the okay from my doctor a few weeks ago, I’ve been taking things slow and doing a beginner workout plan.

We invested in a good double jogging stroller – which I usually take out 3 times a week with the kids for an hour long walk. I’m not super speedy yet – as it is definitely harder to push a double stroller with 2 kids in it instead of a single, so I usually only accomplish about 2.5 miles. My goal is to get up to 4 miles within an hour.

I also have a small collection of workout DVDs that I can do in my living room. Some of my favorite ones include circuit training, step aerobics, and strength training. I have been doing these DVDs on the days that I don’t go walking, but eventually I would like to do them in addition to walking since most of them are only 20 – 30 minutes in length.

Things don’t always go according to plan though. Most of the time my 2 year is right by my side trying to imitate me as I do step aerobics, and I am often having to stop and try to get him entertained elsewhere. And since we live in Seattle, it rains quite often which puts a damper on our outdoor walking plans (we still need to order the rain cover for our double stroller).

But I try to not get too discouraged about it and pat myself on the back for what I do accomplish – what with having a 2 year old and a newborn seems like I should deserve a huge round of applause for even doing something small every day. I’m still working on developing a better strategy for my eating habits though. I seem to struggle with a relentless sweet tooth! And the holidays coming up?? I’m going to really need to need to be strong!


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