Always consult a doctor before using any weight loss pills.


Know what you’re taking

Be aware of the ingredients restricted in any weight loss products. several ingredients, including nutrients and secure workings, can be deadly. besides, some ingredients and products can be risky when consumed in lofty amounts, when taken for a general point, or when used in mixture with firm additional drugs, substances, or foods.

Do your research; it can save your health

Research the product with the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Trade Commission, and the superior Business Bureau before you purchase any weight loss products or services. This may not merely save you time and money, but may also keep your health.

Always check with your doctor.

Weight loss products, including those that include dietary supplements, herbals, and vitamins may be unsafe in persons with certain medical conditions or can interact with other medications. Therefore, always ask with your doctor before initial any weight loss product or plan.

False and misleading claims are being made about lipodissolve products. Learn the facts.

‘Lipodissolve will melt your fat away…without operation… without downtime… and with great results!

Reality Check: There are currently no FDA-established injectable drugs to reduce fat.

“Extremely dominant for fat reduction!”

Reality Check: There is no practical logical evidence that supports the effectiveness of any of the drug substances used in lipodissolve procedure for fat abolition.

“Over 100,000 treatments have been performed with no somber side effects reported.”

Reality Check : FDA has established several reports of permanent scarring, skin deformation and deep painful knots below the skin in areas where the lipodissolve treatments were injected.

“Lipodissolve can also help treat Gynecomastia, Cellulite, Surgical distortion, and Skin rejection.”

Reality Check: There is no believable scientific evidence that lipodissolve can treat any of these medical conditions.


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