8 Worst Weight Loss Tips According To Doctors


If you are someone who has ever been on a weight loss journey, then trying out various weight loss methods and diet tips would not be new to you, right?

Well, there is no dearth of tips, advice and information when it comes to weight loss, in the world today, as losing weight is one of the biggest problems of the generation.

Due to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise, unhealthy eating, stress, desk-jobs, lack of time to prepare healthy meals, etc., many people end up gaining weight.

When a person is constantly gaining weight, it could lead to bigger health issues such as obesity, appetite fluctuations, hormonal imbalance, joint pain, indigestion, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, depression, liver problems, cancer, etc.

So, when being overweight or obese is associated with so many serious health problems, it is definitely a smart thing to try to maintain a healthy weight and lose any unhealthy/extra weight that you have.

However, following every diet tip or weight loss plan out there could be very unhealthy and even dangerous for health, as not all of them are safe to be followed.

So, here are a few weight loss tips you must avoid, as advised by doctors!

1. “Quick-Fix” Diets

While it is a fact that most people who want to lose weight would definitely like quick results where they shed pounds within days, it is also very unhealthy to lose a lot of weight in a short span of time. So, trying “quick-fix” diets which promise to help you lose weight fast can lower your metabolism and give rise to other ailments like nutritional deficiencies.

2. Obsessive Calorie Counting

Naturally, people trying to lose weight and getting healthier or fitter, stick to certain meal plans, which allow them to consume only a certain number of calories per day. While this can be a healthy way to lose weight, if a person starts to obsessively count calories and avoid eating even when they are tired or sick, then it could also lead to a number of health issues, both mental and physiological.

3. Completely Cutting Out Carbs

Most of you may have heard of the popular ‘keto diet’, which is a new fad diet lately. This diet advices people to cut off carbohydrates from their diet completely in order to attain faster weight loss. However, carbohydrate is also a very essential nutrient for the human body and cutting it out completely from the diet can give rise to a number of health issues.

4. Cutting Out All Fats

Fats are considered to be the enemy of people on a weight loss plan, however, they must understand that, healthy fats are essential for the body and even promote weight loss, so they must not be cut off the diet. While unhealthy fats coming from junk food, aerated drinks, alcohol, etc., must be avoided, healthy fat sources such as avocados, ghee, coconut, etc., must be added to the diet, in order to attain a healthy weight loss.

5. Working Out Excessively

We may be aware of the fact that weight loss is a combination of a healthy and regular exercise routine. Just following a diet and not exercising may not help you reach your weight loss goal and vice versa. However, exercising excessively is not actually necessary if you want to lose weight. Research studies show that, even exercising 15-30 minutes every day, along with a healthy diet can promote weight loss effectively.

6. Snacking Frequently

There are a few diet tips out there which suggest people to snack on healthy foods frequently when they are trying to lose weight, in order to prevent binge eating and keep a person satiated. However, snacking frequently can add to your calorie-count, even if you are snacking on healthy foods and may slow down the weight loss process.

7. Unlimited Fruit Intake Is Healthy

Many people who are on a weight loss plan tend to feel that as long as they are consuming healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, it is healthy, as they are low in calories and they can eat them as much as they like! However, fruit can also contain a high amount of sugar and calories, so consuming too much of them can also hinder the weight loss process.

8. Skipping Breakfast

This is one of the unhealthiest yet popular diet mistakes that most people who want to lose weight follow. They feel that skipping breakfast can help them lose weight faster and tend to go on a binge-eating session later on in the day. So, consuming a healthy, hearty breakfast can prevent hunger pangs and facilitate a healthy weight loss process.


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