16 Tips for Losing Fat


Increasing your body’s fat burning ability may be easier than you think. There are tons of ways to improve your weight loss efforts. Read on for 16 tips on how to lose unwanted body fat.

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1. Maintain your blood sugar levels. Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels not only helps keep you from grabbing for sugary foods, it also helps keep your energy levels stable so you still have energy for a workout at the end of the day. Learn why you should choose complex carbohydrates over simple ones here.

2. Watch your calorie intake. Even if you only eat “healthy” foods, you must create a calorie deficit to burn fat, and lose weight. Learn more about your caloric needs here.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast. Eating in the morning can increase your metabolic rate, the process by which your body burns fat. Skipping the most important meal of the day to save calories, may ultimately leave you eating more over the course of the day. Try one of our fabulous Skinny Breakfast Options.

4. Eat a balanced diet, including carbohydrates. Don’t follow fad diets. Eat a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein and raw foods. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, and slow-burning carbs can actually help you feel fuller, longer. Learn more about carbohydrates here.

5. Lift weights. Bodyies that have higher muscle mass burn more calories at a resting rate than body’s with a higher fat content. Period. You might also like to try one of our Equipment Free Strength Workouts.

6. Increase your water intake. Water is an essential nutrient, can help you feel full and is important to the elimination of toxins in every cell in your body. Drink up! Check out why water made our superfoods list.

7. Get disciplined. Find a mentor to teach you good dietary and fitness habits. Never underestimate the support and guidance of someone experienced.

8. Eat low-fat dairy. It’s easy to cut tons of fat, and calories from your diet by opting for low-fat dairy products. Why? 70 percent of the calories in most whole-fat dairy is from saturated fat.

9. Eat fat-burning foods. Green tea, coconut oil and other fat-burning foods can help shrink fat cells, and reduce fat storage. Check out these Skinny Ms. fat-burning foods!

10. Get real. Being honest with yourself about what your dietary needs are, and what your fitness abilities are is essential to long term weight loss success.

11. Try a new workout. Everyone from fitness novice to fitness pro hits a plateau. Keep your body guessing by trying new workouts, to keep losing fat. Have you tried Tabata?

12. Remove foods that aren’t “real food.” Anything processed or artificial isn’t a real food. By allowing these toxins into your body, you put your elimination organs into overdrive. Cut those out and eat clean, whole foods. Check out our Clean Eating Family Plan.

13. Satisfy hunger. Ignoring cravings can leave you helpless in the face of tempting foods. Beat these hunger pangs, and your cravings by munching on crunchy veggies in between meals, or before you eat to reduce your calorie intake. Try one of these Healthy Snacks with Fewer than 75 Calories.

14. Ingest enzymes. Enzymes found in fruits, like kiwi and pineapple, offer support for a healthy digestive system. Healthy digestion means proper elimination of toxins, and an overall lighter feeling. Learn more about these fruits and other healthy food options on our Superfood List.

15. Limit your sodium intake. Salt can cause your body to retain water. As water is retained, waste is also retained. Eliminate salt, or at least reduce your intake to slim down.

16. Remove fried foods from the menu. Not only do fried foods pack on the pounds, they also cause gas. Eliminate these foods to eliminate enormous amounts of fat. In the mood for something salty? Check out our list of Healthy Foods to Satisfy Every Craving.


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